perforated concrete facade with plants

Perforated brick facade shades House for a Daughter in Vietnam

Nov 07, 2019 · A house in Vietnam by Khuôn Studio is built around a triple-height atrium filled with plants and shaded by a perforated facade of grey brick. House for a Daughter in Ho Chi Minh City is split into...

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Perforated Facade Panel from ULMA Architectural Solutions

High Performance Polymere Concrete panels, vertical and horizontal installation systems, custom patterns and textures, continuous concealed fixing, 3 mm altarnated and/or aligned joint, panel ...

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Advantages of perforated façade panels for Indian homes | homify

What is perforated façade cladding?

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Brise Soleil | Perforated facades | Latticework | Ductal® UHPC

Brise Soleil. Our industrialized Ductal ® brise soleil is designed to meet the specific needs for a range of building projects. Conceived to let natural sunlight in and then diffuse it upwards instead of directly onto the building, our fiber-reinforced ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) guarantees that the durability, low-porosity, resilience and ductility of your siding will stand the ...

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Colourful metal screens and plants cover Star Engineers ...

Sep 01, 2019 · Perforated metal screens and plants cover the facade of a factory and office complex in Hanoi, Vietnam, designed by Studio VDGA for electronics manufacturer Star Engineers.

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Jean Nouvel's Cyprus tower features perforated walls filled ...

Jean Nouvel's Cyprus tower features perforated walls filled with plants | Facade architecture, Green facade, Green architecture. Mar 20, 2016 - Ateliers Jean Nouvel has built a tower block in Nicosia, Cyprus, featuring perforated walls and wide balconies that are both bestrewn with plants.

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30+ MESH AND PERFORATED FACADES ideas | facade architecture ...

Oct 16, 2019 - Architecture facades, mesh and perforated facades. See more ideas about Facade architecture, Architecture, Facade.

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7 Construction Techniques for Concrete Façades - BuiltWorlds
Concrete facades | Facade systems | Archello

The concrete precast structure leaves a mark and gives a completely different look to the mould. The mould can be made of materials like timber, fiberglass, plastic, rubber etc. with each material giving a unique finish. Concrete facades allow for different surface treatments such as rolling or brushing and trolling and several types of washing, which can be carried out when the concrete is fresh. Hammering, polishing, and sand blasting can be applied to harden the concrete.

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Perforated Brick Facades Make a Home More Stylish and Energy ...

Jul 23, 2019 · In a different take from the usual facade, Arquitetos Associados created the KS Residence in Natal, Brazil with an innovative face that adds more than just design interest. Wrapped in a facade of bricks, the pattern has a perforated design that provides privacy and great ventilation, as well as plenty of natural light.

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